Building the Ideal Home Gym

You have been thinking about going to the gym more often, but you find it hard to squeeze it into your schedule. Unless you are lucky enough to find a gym that is right next to your office, you may want to take another approach. Setting up a home gym in a spare room, or the basement, will help you get your daily workout in without consuming much time.

Setting up a Home Gym

People think that if you are going to set up a home gym, you need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. It is not the case. You can go for simpler and more affordable home gym equipment to set up your gym. It is all about getting what you need for the moment.

Start Small

home gym equipment

You can start with a few pieces of equipment. The smart squat platform is very useful, as it is going to help you with your squat technique. You will also want to get a yoga mat that you can use for any floor exercises and stretches. You can get a gym ball, as those are great for certain balance and core exercises.

A set of weights, two dumbbell handles and a single bar handle will do you a lot of good too. There is no need to spend money on big machines. Those are expensive and they are not useful. Exercising with free weights is better for you anyway.

Improving Core Strength

We are so used to using machines at the gym. But those machines are not going to help you with your core balance and strength. Say you are doing squats with weights. If you use the machine, the bar with weight that you are holding is in place on the machine. You are not balancing it. If you use a free bar with weight, you are balancing it and improving your core strength.